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Hello, I am a game programmer with extensive experience in Unity and C#. I received a BFA in Computer Game Design and Minor in Computer Science from George Mason University. I have an aptitude for creating scalable and maintainable architectures, as well as gameplay mechanics. I also have experience creating 3D models and animations and shaders, and integrating all sorts of assets.


Legends of Learning: Awakening

An engaging educational experience for at-home learning. Kids love the educational games on the platform, then using the rewards to power up for the main card battler.

Ocean Casino

Casino games that can be played on land with fake currency, or at sea with real money!


A 2D isometric game where you play as a space-cat searching the galaxy trying to find the best milk for his sick father. Navigate through terrain, avoid obstacles, and solve puzzles to make it through each world!

Angel Craze

A match-3 2D puzzle game made with the Unity3D game engine. Unlike most of the match-3 games out there, this one has the ability to generate cute gifs and send them to other people outside of the game.

Open Source

C# Promise Library

Efficient promise library for C# that conforms to the Promises/A+ specification (designed for javascript) and supports progress and cancelation. Used for management of asynchronous operations (like downloading assetbundles then instantiating the game objects then animating them).

Misc Projects

Networking in Unity

Authoritative multi-player network using .Net sockets over UDP and custom serialization for efficient bit packing.

3D Tetris-Like Puzzle

A 3D puzzle game where the goal is to fit all of the pieces inside the black-outlined area.

Tim Cassell

Game Programmer  |  (703)-909-1641  |  GitHub  |
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