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Legends of Learning: Awakening


WebGL, Android, iOS



Unity 3D


Team Size:



Unity Engineer
Full Stack Engineer









Legends of Learning: Awakening is an educational game for classroom and at-home learning. It is the main game that wraps lots of mini-games for each learning objective.


The platform handles over 60,000 sessions per day with ease. I created code for every aspect of the game tech, including combat systems, over-world navigation, personal space, custom appearance, UI, and other visible aspects, as well as deeper workings such as saving and loading, versioning, requesting assets, communicating with the server, GraphQL requests, and asynchronous operation management system. I monitored and optimized load times and frames-per-second in WebGL, and I debugged and fixed broken code or assets.

As a full stack engineer, I designed and implement client-side and server-side architectures and game logic. I discussed technical details with designers and collaborated with other developers to accelerate ongoing tasks, and work individually on smaller tasks, delivering front-end and back-end solutions. I created tools for other developers, designers, and artists to create or optimize pipelines for new features and content. I refactored and maintained existing systems as necessary for changing product and target platform requirements (expanding from WebGL to mobile). I trained new members of the team to bring them up to speed.

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Tim Cassell

Game Programmer  |  (703)-909-1641  |  GitHub  |
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