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Angel Craze


Android, iOS



Unity 3D


Team Size:




Gameplay Programmer

UI Integration









Angel Craze is a match-3 2D puzzle game made with the Unity3D game engine. Unlike most of the match-3 games out there, this one has the ability to generate cute gifs and send them to other people outside of the game.


Being responsible for the gameplay, the most difficult thing was accounting for empty spaces on the grid. Having the pieces just fall through would have been easy, but not as exciting as having them fall diagonally. I had to determine whether a piece should fall diagonally, and which way to go if it could fall left or right. So, logically, instead of having the pieces "fall" to empty spaces, I made objects to fill the grid and, when empty, "pull" a piece to itself. That way, 2 pieces couldn't go into the same space and break the game.


I made a level-builder so the level designer can easily add new levels and determine the game type, shape of the board, necessary score, number of moves, etc.

Tim Cassell

Game Programmer  |  (703)-909-1641  |  GitHub  |
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